Can you relate? You’re ready to update your social media while trying to tap into a higher power to give you inspiration of what to write.

And yet, nothing happens.

Your fingers start bouncing up and down on the keys hoping that the little salsa number your fingers are doing on the keyboard will somehow give you the inspiration you are looking for ─ Something witty and smart to post on social media.

It really is no different than talking to your customer. When the customer walks through your door, you automatically know what to say.  Your social media should have the same flow as if you were talking to that customer in person.

21 examples to stop your social media writer’s block

  1. New product/service
  2. Sales and promotions
  3. Special events
  4. Industry news
  5. Share other sources of content found online
  6. Profile your employee
  7. Customer appreciation
  8. Tips to educate your customer
  9. Behind the scene pictures and videos
10. Your blog
11. Link to subscribe to your email newsletter
12. How-to/instructions
13. Flyers
14. Trade shows/conferences you are attending
15. Quotes that can inspire or make us laugh
16. Contests
17. Throw Back Thursday picture
18. Industry stats
19. Ask for feedback for a product/service you carry, you stopped offering or you want to offer
20. Ask a question
21. Before and After photos


If you don’t know what to say on social media, ask yourself what would you say to a customer? That’s what you need to write about.

What ideas do you have that didn’t make the list? I would love to hear how you prevent social media writer’s block? 


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