Everyone loves to look at photos on Facebook, but not everyone wants to look at the advertisements that Facebook kindly places beside every photo. Now there is a way to stop looking at all those ads if you are feeling advisement overload.

Follow these easy 1-2-3 steps for No More Facebook ads when viewing photos.

Step One: Open up your picture.

Step Two: Hover your mouse over the top right hand corner of the photo.

Step Three: Click on the double arrow and voila, your image is now full screen – advertisement free!

When finished looking at your pictures click ‘exit full screen’ at the top of your screen; or hit the Esc button; or click on the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

I would love to hear your thoughts – does it annoy you to see advertisements when you are viewing photos?

Published On: April 19th, 2012 / Categories: 2012, How-To, Social Media / Tags: , , /

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