It’s December and that means holiday sales are happening. Whether you sell products or services, it’s not too late to use your social media to get attention from last minute shoppers.

5 Tips to Attract Holiday Shoppers with Social Media Marketing

Be Visible – Shoppers need to know you are having a sale and they need to know what you are selling. Same principals apply online as they do offline. In real life, you put up your sale signs. You have signs that say “Stocking Stuffers” and you may even post your store hours especially if your hours are extended to accommodate holiday shopping. Don’t forget everything you do in real life, needs to spill over in your social media. Not all customers know what you are selling. Create brand awareness with your social media. Be top of mind with your customers and remind them why they need to buy from you!

Plan your social media – You’re busy dealing with the holiday rush and you don’t have time to do your social media. That’s why planning is important. It’s not too late to create a plan. Decide how many posts you can do each week. What products or services will you be posting on social media? Does your holiday social media marketing have a theme? What will you be posting on Boxing Day right through to New Year’s?

Christmas Gift IdeaPhotos and videos of products – Nothing is better than visualizing your product or service with photos and videos. You can post your videos directly to Facebook and YouTube and Instagram allows you to upload a 15-second video. Twitter allows you to upload 30-second videos. Take photos at your staff Christmas party. For those working from home, show a picture of your furry coworkers with a Christmas hat or even your holiday decorations in your home. Baking cookies? Why not take a picture of the finished cookies and let people know these are the cookies you are going to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Customer service – Don’t forget to check your social media for comments, questions, testimonials/reviews and private messages from your customers. Not everyone will contact the store by phone or go into the store to have their question answered. Make it a priority to check your social media multiple times a day so you may answer your customers in a timely matter.

Discounts – Use your social media to let your customers know you have a sale. Have some fun with it. You could 12 days of Christmascreate “Deals of the Day” and post a new product or service each day. Treat your social media followers to exclusive deals, and let them know about discounts or giveaways. My client Lynn Grushka, Consultant for ENJO Canada gives back to her Facebook fans every December by giving away free product. Her 12 days of Christmas creates excitement. Her fans love it and it creates top of mind awareness.

BONUS TIP – Don’t oversell! When it comes to social media, no one likes to be sold to, but they love to buy! Show the same things online as you would in real life. Would you take the time to show someone in the store how to use your product or service? If so, use your social media for the same purpose. Show your customers online how to use your products with photos and videos.

Have fun with your holiday social media marketing. Remember it’s important to be where your customers are… and you know your customers are on social media!

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