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Jennifer Grigg founded Social Dragon Marketing in 2012. With over 20 years of marketing experience, she instantly fell in love with what businesses can do with social media. What intrigued her was understanding social media marketing is all about building relationships with customers and not only be selling. She has focused on building the best social media toolkit for your business and what sets Social Dragon Marketing apart from competitors is that she truly cares about you and your business. Your success is important to her. Reach out now for social media marketing services based in London Ontario Canada.

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Social Dragon Marketing provides social media marketing services based in London Ontario Canada. Achieve an effective social media presence for your company. As a business person, you already have too much on your plate and not enough time in the day to do everything on your to-do list. Why not let handle your day-to-day social media management? We will interact and engage with your customers so you can get on with your own work of the day.

As a client, we love chatting with you, getting to know you personally, and understanding your business – not just knowing the products and services you offer, but understanding your branding and your core values. We work together to ensure your social media marketing is implemented properly for your business needs.

Social media marketing isn’t just 9-5 and our clients quickly realize Social Dragon Marketing doesn’t stop working for you Friday at 5pm. We monitor your social media and post on evening and weekends too. It is not uncommon for Social Dragon Marketing to answer questions and engage with your customers after typical work hours.

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Jennifer Grigg

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Core Values

  • Customer Experience is our #1 Priority

  • We do our best to always do the right thing

  • We are teamwork

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

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Social Media Growth

Social Dragon knows first hand what it’s like to be told by ‘experts’ that in order to be successful we needed to talk a certain way and behave just like everyone else. We tried to act that way, but it didn’t work as we were not our authentic self. Once we started being true to us, success started happening.

We believe every business has a voice and that voice is unique and has an important message that needs to be heard.

We always want business owners feel powerful and important. We want to work with businesses closely so we can take the essence of who they are, their values and their beliefs and add it to their social media marketing. We want businesses to know they are heard, acknowledged for their accomplishments and they matter.

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“Social Dragon is our secret weapon! We have been partnering with Jen & her team for over 2 years and find they are responsive, flexible, and creative when managing our social media profiles. They are constantly going above & beyond, responding to shifting priorities, and assisting with projects outside of her official mandate; it’s like Jen is a part of our team! Communication is strong, and her way with customer service is world-class. Social Dragon is a great example of a well-run Canadian small business…10/10, Highly Recommend.”

Marshal Hemmings