There is a popular myth that all “young people” are born with a particular skill to use social media. That they only possess that ability and no one else can do social media like a young person.

I’m here to tell you that belief is WRONG!

Yes, younger people, grasp technology faster than us older people, but please remember, young people, are technologically dependent and NOT technically savvy. There is a difference!

Most younger people are not familiar with the way business works as they haven’t had experience with that yet. You cannot expect someone who isn’t business savvy to be clear on your social media needs. A plan needs to be in place.

You should not randomly select a person to do your social media just because they are young. That’s like me randomly selecting a person to be my bookkeeper as they have a calculator.

The reverse can be said about older people!

I hear it all the time “I’m too old to do social media” or my favourite “my generation just doesn’t do social media.”

When I hear those comments, my first thoughts are: Did you work a fax machine when that came out? Or did your generation not use the telephone book when it was first published?

Don’t let age be an excuse. No matter how old you are, you can do social media. You just need to be shown a few tips and tricks on how to use it properly. That’s all. It would be like me going to a real estate office and expecting to know how to sell a home right away when I’ve never done it before.

Don’t be afraid of technology! Embrace it! I understand that it can be overwhelming. After all, social media is all around us. It seems easy enough to use, right? Let’s not forget it didn’t come with a manual on how to use it, and at times, everyone struggles with elements of social media at one time or another.

Start off small by practicing how to use it. Little steps make a big difference. If in doubt what to post, check out our Social Media Deck of Cards. It comes with 23 ideas to help create your next social media post.


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