I did it! I did! I cooked my first recipe from Pinterest. It’s a great resource to showcase your business product or service, but today I want to discuss five things I learned from the recipe I made.

First, you need to know what I made. I baked Guilt-Free Pizza Bites. The main ingredient was cauliflower and I have to admit it was the best cauliflower recipe I’ve made…even if I burned it a bit. I had the timer set. It went off and I was busy on my computer and forgot about them…oops!

1. Pinterest has EVERY recipe you could ever want. Unique recipes that will inspire you. Recipes that will make your children excited to eat their veggies. Recipes that will make you look like a diva in the kitchen.

2. Pinterest recipes are easy to find. It’s a visual medium, so every pin (Pinterest’s name for a post) is an image or a video. You don’t have to wonder what that dish looks like. How frustrating is it when you find a great recipe, but no corresponding picture. With Pinterest, every recipe has a picture.

3. It’s simple to search on Pinterest. In the upper left hand corner there is a search field. Type in the word you are searching for and press enter or click on the magnifying glass. I typed in cauliflower and instantly tons of recipes and information were at my fingertips. I lost track of the number of recipes after counting 50 pins just on cauliflower.

4. Every pin on Pinterest is clickable. When you click on the image you want to look at the image becomes larger. You click on the image again and it takes you to the website where the image is from. For me, the cauliflower image I clicked on took me to the website page that had the recipe. Within seconds I was reviewing the recipe making sure it was something I wanted to do and if I had all the ingredients on-hand.

5. If you would like to start your own Pinterest account, visit www.pinterest.com and click on the button “Join Pinterest”. It is very easy to set-up.

Watch for upcoming posts where I explain how you can use Pinterest for business.

For the recipe I used, click on Guilt-Free Pizza Bites to check it out.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Pinterest. Have you tried any recipes yet?

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