There are lots of “experts” who will say you need to post on social media at a particular time and on a particular day. I want you to take that advice only as a guide or a starting point.

Then forget all of it.

The best time to post is when your customers are online. You need to discover what works best for your audience!

What others are doing may not work for your business. It takes trial and error to see what works. Knowing your audience pattern on social media takes time.

Have fun with your social media. Forget what everyone else is doing and only concentrate on what works for your business.

Don’t always choose the most popular times when posting online. Posting on the hour is a predictable time to post. The majority of businesses will post online, for example, at 11:00am.

Start thinking about people’s computer habits. For example, if a person was going to look at their social media on their lunch hour, they would probably get their food first and then start looking around 12:07 – 12:17. They may also have one quick glance before they go back to work around 12:45 – 12:58.

Facebook provides great analytics that can help you understand when your followers are on Facebook. It’s not when they are on your page, but when they are on Facebook in general. Facebook narrows the times down by day and by the hour. It even goes further to let you know the gender and age of your audience and the top cities and countries your audience is from.

And remember the times do change depending on the time of year. Our internet habits are different in the winter than the summer. People are outside more in the summer and have different schedules than the winter. Parents will have different schedules than people without children. Parents take their kids to sports after school and are usually not online for long periods of time until after 8:00pm and later.

And of course just because you are up at 5:00am in the morning doesn’t mean your audience is too.

Have fun with it. Test, test and then test more and see what works. Once you find the best times for your business, social media may be more enjoyable, less stressful and easier to understand.

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