A few people have approached me recently and they’re saying to me, “How do I buy followers?” And when I ask them, “Do you mean how to advertise on social media?”, They’re like, “No. How do I find followers? I see these ads, and I see emails for $500 I can get 5,000 followers or for $50 I can get 500 followers.”

I was shocked when I heard this, and the reason why I’m shocked is:

  1. That someone would think that’s it’s acceptable to do that
  2. That these kinds of scammy, crappy tactics still exist.

What’s the difference between buying followers and buying advertisements?

Everyone knows what an ad is. You can put it online such as advertising on Facebook, or you can advertise in a magazine or on the radio. They all have the same function, regardless of where you put the ad.

The goal is to attract new clients. The ad is there to appeal to your current clients, your potential clients, your past clients. It’s there to give brand awareness. It’s there to bring importance to an event. It’s there to talk about your products and services. It’s there to create urgency.

Whatever the goal of your ad is, it is a sales tool.

The difference between buying an ad and buying followers is that someone says to you, “I will give you 500 followers for $50. They’ll be the followers that you want.” And then they go off, and they find the followers.

But you know what?

They’re never quality followers, and they’re never located in the area that you provide your products and services to.

Quality Trumps Quantity… Always

The number of people who follow you is a vanity metric. It doesn’t matter if you have one follower or 5000 followers. If you go and buy followers, you’re shooting yourself in the foot because you know what happens? You have all these followers, but nobody will ever buy from you.

Are you still asking yourself why won’t they buy from you?

These followers are not qualified. They don’t even know a thing about your business. They are from the other side of the world. They don’t even know what you sell. They will never buy from you because they don’t even know you exist.

I would rather you have 1000 followers, or even 100 followers that are genuinely qualified followers that love you and your products and services and will buy from you, compared to having thousands of followers and not one single person will ever buy from you.

In real life, you wouldn’t go out and pay for a service that says, “I’m going to give you 500 customers for $50. You would never do that because you know for a fact that a service can’t do that.

You don’t buy customers, but instead, you attract customers through advertising, referrals, returning customers. Of course, that’s what we have salespeople for.

Salespeople go out and they find the customers, the companies, who are interested in your business. They build a relationship with these accounts before they interact with them. They go out networking, and they hang out where your ideal target audience is.

It’s not easy finding customers, we all know that, so why do you think it would be easy finding followers online? Anybody can buy a follower, but you don’t want to do that.

Instead, you’ll want to advertise to people to get them in interested in your products and services. It’s the right way.

You do not go out and buy followers!

If anyone ever says to you for $50 they can give you 500 followers or for $500 they’ll give you 5000 followers, run away from those people. Please run away from those people! They’re not doing you a service at all.

If you need more information or have questions about this, shoot me a quick email at info@socialdragonmarketing.com. Let me know your questions, and I’d love to give you some more input.

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