Social media is where we are hanging out these days. It truly has changed the way we do business. What we do in real life with our business must translate on to our social media. It’s an extension of who we are.

I get frustrated when I see “experts” or “big brands” proclaim they are great at their social media, but in reality they have no social media customer service.

I was super excited when I noticed one company was doing it right!

Danielle Martin sent a private message to Kraft Dinner on Facebook to show them how much her daughter loves kraft dinner respondsKraft Dinner. She really wasn’t expecting much. But instead of not hearing from the “big brands” who sometimes tend to forget about customer service online, she received a response.

Not only did she receive a reply, but she received it 9 minutes after she sent the message!

Why should you respond to a message and comments from your customers?

Customers expect a response.  It is no different than when you call a business and leave a voice mail. You would hope they would return your phone call. You don’t have to feel obligated to answer a comment and message as fast as Kraft Dinner, but you do need to make sure you respond in a timely manner. We live in a word where we expect instant gratification. It’s a fact and there is nothing we can change about that. You expect it from the companies you interact with and your customers expect it from you too.

Kraft Dinner acknowledged Danielle and said they loved the picture. Not only did they show her they care about her daughter’s first Kraft Dinner experience, but she shared that with her family and friends and they noticed it by liking the post and making their own comments. Now Kraft Dinner is top of mind awareness. The next time her family and friends go to the grocery store they are going to remember Kraft Dinner and not just buy a box or two, but feel good about it. That is priceless!    

What are your examples of great customer service from businesses on social media?

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