SEO (search engine optimization) seems to be the buzzword lately, and you’ve probably heard that longer blog posts are “better for SEO” than shorter blog posts. You don’t need to crank out fifteen hundred-word articles every single week if you know how to make a massive impact with a short blog post!

Short blog posts, for example, 300 to 500 words, serve a purpose and they’re much easier to write. That’s why it’s best to include both long and short blog posts on your blog.

Use these tips to learn how to write short posts that will get you noticed!

Start with an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Everyone reads a blog post based on the headline that grabbed their attention. Each headline needs to tell the reader what the content is about without being misleading. The headline should explain what you’re going to say to the reader in the blog post for the most impact. A few tools for helping you create attention-grabbing headlines are:

Once you’ve created a few ideas with these tools, head over to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help narrow them down to the best one. 

Next, Remember to Be Concise

Short blog posts with all the “filler words” removed will make a bigger impact because it’s based on one main point. Need help condensing your posts? Try the Hemingway App. It’s free and will show you where you need to cut the fluff, and how to make content that’s more reader-friendly.

Is it Scannable?

People don’t read content online like they do on paper. When reading on paper, people always read from left to right (if their language goes in that direction). When reading online, people scan from top to bottom, then look at the left side of the page. Try using bullets, bold headings, and attention-grabbing headlines to help the reader navigate through your blog posts.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Short blog posts need one focused topic. For example, instead of “10 Reasons to Take a Daily Walk” you may consider writing about “The Most Important Reason to Take a Daily Walk” and then go in-depth about that daily walk.

Use Impactful Images

Finding the best images for your short blog posts is important because it helps your blog post stand out and may be shared with others more often. A well-written blog post combined with the right image (a picture is worth a thousand words) will get people’s attention.

Copywriting Matters

People tend to enjoy content that is filled with verbs rather than nouns. Many blog writers don’t put much weight into copywriting, but that’s hurting their views. When writing a short blog post, words matter if you want to create a winning article. Use words that people will understand and relate to instead of using industry jargon.

Consider Your Audience

Think about customizing your content to match their wants, needs, desires, and address their pain and problem. You may think you know what they want but pay attention to past posts that have resonated with your audience and ask them why. When you keep your audience in mind, they’ll keep coming back for more.

The good news is that short blog posts take less time to write than long ones. You only need to focus one main topic and remember to cut the unnecessary words and stick to the point.

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