Dogs are known for being lovable animals, a true best friend, but often they have a short attention span. Did someone say squirrel? A short attention span among humans is called Shiny Object Syndrome.

According to Karyn Greenstreet, she defines shiny object syndrome as “It’s not quite ADD/ADHD. It’s more that a new idea captures your imagination and attention in such a way that you get distracted from the bigger picture and go off in tangents instead of remaining focused on the goal.”

Can you relate? I know I can. I’ve talked to many business owners and at one point or another throughout the day, we all suffer from shiny object syndrome. Did someone say squirrel?


There are a few ways that I find work really well when trying to be productive. When I need to focus I often use these methods and with great success. The best part, most of these methods are free to use.

Coffee shop Background Noise – Just changing your surroundings can make a big difference. Grab your laptop and head to your favourite Starbucks to surround yourself with background noise. But too many times we are stuck in the office and unable to make it to our favourite cafes. This is when Coffitivity is important. Press play and your speakers will be transformed with coffee shop ambient noises. Give this a try. It is one of my favourite ways to focus.

Background noise generatorNoisli allows you to choose from random, productivity or relax background noises. You can listen to a variety of noises including thunderstorms, train, fan or even birds. If you need something a little extra, you can even combine the noises. I’m a fan of combining coffee shop and train noises together. Noisli also provides a color changing background, bringing to you the healthy benefits of the chromotherapy.

Ambient Noises – This background noise generator free trial only lasts two weeks then you must upgrade to the full version. You can choose from over 3500 sounds to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, set custom timers and more! Choose from typical ambient sounds and also unique sounds such as the wind, a clicking pen or even a fish market.

Classical Music – This works every time I use it! It’s like my secret weapon on productivity. This is called the Mozart Effect. Research has shown listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks. The easiest way to find Mozart music is to search online for it. There are so many options out there including YouTube. You don’t have to limit yourself to Mozart music. Try a variety of classical music to see what works best for you.

These are just a few ideas that help me focus. What work best for you?

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