This morning I stopped to have coffee at Tim Hortons. It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win® time of year, so of course, the line ups are even longer than usual. Finally, I get my coffee. It’s steaming hot. That’s a good sign it could be freshly brewed, but not so good for my hands that are going to burn trying to carry it.

What happens when you finish your Roll Up The Rim® coffee cup? You don’t throw the cup away, you have to roll up the rim to see if you’re a winner.

Well, I did that, but unfortunately, my rim is glued shut. Seriously, what kind of industrial strength glue are they using? Does this mean I’m a winner…not just a donut winner, but a big grand prize winner…or will I see the disappointing but so polite “please play again” message?

I’m in public and with someone. What do I do? How do I get my rim to open when it’s glued shut so tightly? I can’t just gnaw at it with my teeth. That barbaric behaviour probably won’t look to good with the company I’m with. (Although I think it’s perfectly acceptable if you have to use your teeth to open the rim when you are alone. C’mon, we’ve all done it!)

So I did the next best thing, said goodbye to my coffee companion and walked to the car with my empty coffee cup. I don’t give up that easy. In the car, I was able to get the rim rolled up to the point to see the word WIN. Wooho! I knew it had to be a winner behind the industrial strength glue.

So here we are together waiting in anticipation to see what I won…drum roll please…It’s got to be good right? Why would they use so much glue if this wasn’t the winner of winners? Here I go…I’m rolling the rim up…and I won! After all that work, I only win a coffee. If only I went online first, I would have found out the correct technique on how to Roll Up The Rim.

Would love for to hear your experiences with the Roll Up To Win® contest.  

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