When creating content for your products and services, social media and even your marketing materials it can be easy to become monotonous, boring, and out of touch with your audience – to the point that they can no longer relate to you. By incorporating humor, personality, and even vulnerability into your social media marketing, it can help your audience connect with you. Keep in mind your audience first, and then your goals for your online marketing and you will be able to overcome these common problems that all business owner face from time to time.

8 Tips For Adding Your Personality to Your Content

What’s Your Story?

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1) Tell your story as if you’re speaking to a customer face to face.

2) Why did you create the products or services you provide?

3) Did you do it because you needed these yourself?

4) How did you discover the need for your product or service?

5) What problem do you solve to make your customer lives better?

Stay in tune to your customers and they will relate to your offerings better. Share your stories with your social media manager so they can take your voice, your brand and bring that to life in your social media.

Don’t Be Arrogant

Instead of using industry jargon and “salesy” tones, talk to your audience as if you are talking to a friend and people will be able to relate and understand your products better. While you do want to be a leader, a teacher, or even the best in your industry, you need to avoid coming across as a know-it-all and (gasp) boring.

Remember to Be Relevant

Stay updated on your industry news so that you can remain relevant to your customers. Don’t stick to the old ways of doing things. Times are changing, and you need to adapt. Pay attention to upcoming trends and new best practices, so you can always stay on top of mind and be of interest to your target audience when they are ready to buy. 

Speak Plainly and Concisely 

Speak to your audience as if you’re talking to a good friend. Write the way you talk (but don’t forget about commas and proper punctuation). No need to use bigger words that you wouldn’t regularly use. You can also try doing Facebook lives and short videos if that helps you avoid using language that is unnatural to you.

Always Focus on Your Audience

Lose the ego! Everything you do, everything you say, everything you post, should be focused on your audience. What’s in it for them? Instead of using “we” and “I” too often, shift the focus, so it’s on your customers. For example, instead of saying “We provide the best service in London, Ontario,” say, “You deserve the best service in London, Ontario.”

Each Word Counts 

Once you’ve written a piece of content, whether it’s a blog post or social media post, edit it for unnecessary, flowery words. Pare it down so that your writing is concise and to the point. Try writing shorter sentences instead of long-winded sentences and don’t make the paragraphs too long. Each blog post and advertisement needs to focus on one thought. When you cram everything you sell into your content, your audience gets confused what they are supposed to buy from you.

Keep a Consistent Voice Across All Platforms

Regardless of which social media platform you’re using, your social media should always be true to your brand. Treat your social media the same way you act in the “real world.” It should be authentic and transparent.

Include Relevant Images 

Sometimes it’s just easier to express your thoughts with a picture. An image helps set the mood and tone for the entire post. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words but be careful where you source your images. It’s perfectly acceptable to use images that state they are 100% free for use and require no licenses but remember the pictures you find on google images are not images you can use. I know businesses who have had to get a lawyer to deal with the outcome of stealing images from Google Images. It’s never good.


When we stop being ourselves and stray away from who we are and what our brand is, that’s when we end up losing a bit of ourselves, losing a bit of our messaging and we end up losing our customers. Customers buy from you not because of what you sell or the service you provide BUT because they like YOU! That’s right; it’s YOU that makes a difference! Always be yourself and stay true to your brand!

If all of this seems overwhelming, we understand. After all, social media didn’t come with a manual. Need help with your social media marketing? That’s what we’re here for… Reach out for help!


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