Last year I created a mantra for myself –Change…for Success.

2012 was a year of ups and downs. But I believe I lived by my mantra and all the changes that occurred were really making room for success.

Drum roll please…the 2013 mantra is Focus!

This year I promise:

Focus on having best practices and streamlining my business. Every business owner goes through the period of discovering the products/services that are meeting the demands of their customers. I know what my audience wants and I’m going to streamline my business to offer premium programs to fit that demand.

Focus on me. It’s time I focused on getting myself in shape. Mentally, I’m in great shape but physically not so much. Like everyone else I have a few pounds to lose. Years ago I lost 50 pounds. I’ve somehow gained half the weight back. This is the year to lose it! Wow, I’ve just announced it to everyone in this blog that I’m committed to losing the weight. Yikes, what have I done?

Focus on others. Why wait till Christmas to show my appreciation for others? This has never made sense to me. I’m going to focus on showing my gratitude towards everyone throughout the whole year instead of waiting until Christmas to say thanks.
2013 is starting off with Focus. It’s my personal mantra that provides inspiration and self worth in my life.

What is your personal mantra? I would love to hear what inspires you to nurture and grow?

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