Don’t be shy! Why not let your audience know the great accomplishments you have worked hard to achieve?

Facebook for business pages has a milestone status. It is located right beside your status and upload photo/video button (the spot where you create new posts). Click on the word ‘event/milestone’ and now you have three options – Event, milestone and question.

When you click on the word milestone, this opens a box that allows you to write what your great event is. Be detailed as you want to be. Your audience wants to hear about your successes. That shows them your business is the best in its industry. It makes you creditable…BUT don’t overdo it. No one wants to read about a company that brags about insignificant details. You can even add milestones for events and accomplishments that have already happened.

You can check out the milestones each company lists by clicking on the word ‘About’ located under your cover photo. Scroll down to ‘History by Year’. There you will see a list of the milestones categorized by year. Click on each milestone to see the description and image of each one.

A few good examples of businesses using milestones are:
Rogers Communications
Dairy Queen

Lego is an example of a business not keeping their Facebook current. It is hard to remember, but it’s also important to stay current with your audience. Lego has not included any milestones for the year, including their recent birthday. They turned 80! That’s right, Lego has been around for 80 years! Here is a video that explains the history of Lego. It really is too good not to share.

Does your business utilize Facebook milestones?

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