It only happens twice a year in London, Ontario. Everyone looks forward to it. Everyone loves Londonlicious!

July is the start of the 2014 Heat Wave Edition of Londonlicious. I was able to talk with Andy Wilson, Owner of Londonlicious and learn more about this amazing food festival.

What is Londonlicious?

LondonLicious is a food festival event to get Londoners out to their local restaurants and enjoy local flavours. Each of the participating restaurants create a pre-set 3 course menu at a set price. This is a great way to save money, try new restaurants and indulge in life. All the restaurants are locally owned and operated. There are over 30 restaurants participating.

How does it work? Do we have to have to purchase something ahead of time?

LondonLicious is very simple. Check out our website to view the participating restaurants, check out the offerings and make a reservation. There is nothing to purchase ahead of time. Once at the restaurant you will receive two menus ─ the regular one and the Londonlicious menu. Next step, enjoy the night!

Is the food the same quality you would normally expect to order in the restaurants?

100% it is the same quality you would expect at the restaurants! This is an opportunity for restaurants to showcase their skills and impress the general public so the next time you go out for dinner you will pick them.

When is Londonlicious?

July 18th until August 4th 2014

What are the prices for Londonlicious?

Lunch $15 and $20.

Dinner $25, 30 and $35

Do people need to make reservations?

I would suggest it for sure, but it is not necessary. Most evenings, especially on the weekends, the restaurants are booked up in advance.

You are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For those who organizing festivals or events and not sure if social media is useful, has social media been important to the growth of Londonlicious?

Social media has certainly helped get the word out and help grow the festival. I personally enjoy the interaction with the people going out and enjoying the restaurants. Everyone loves to post how great their favourite restaurant is, where they are going to eat and, of course, everyone loves to post a picture of the food.

You are giving away 60 dinner for two. How can people win these?

We will be giving about 30 dinners through our Facebook page and 30 dinners through Club Metro. Contest through Club Metro closes July 16, 2014.

About Andy Wilson

Andy is the owner of the Licious Festivals. Londonlicious is now in its 8th year. This food festival takes place twice a year – January and July.

To contact Andy directly, you can reach him at

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