Everyone loves watching cat videos, dog videos and even parrot videos. The one thing that could even be more popular than cute pet videos is motivational quotes. These quotes inspire us to be our best.

There is a quote for almost every occasion – work, sports, health and wellness, fitness, home, family, grief, entrepreneurs, leadership, love, courage, parenthood, patriotism, sales, marriage, money, and the list goes on.

Quotes can give us the boost we need when we are feeling down. It can inspire us to do better, to be a better person. Sometimes quotes can be comforting. There are times when quotes can act like tarot cards. Just like tarot cards, we can use quotes for wisdom and a guide to how we should live or the answer to a question we might have.

Depending on your industry, business owners can use motivational quotes with their social media. There are so many quotes to choose from, but it’s best to select quotes that resonate with you, your audience your product/services and your industry.

Don’t be afraid to create your own quote. Your words and thoughts can make a difference in someone’s life!

One thing I like to do with my clients when we use motivational quotes is to brand the quote. It can be very effective when the quote is branded in your colours or with your logo or website address. If it isn’t your own quote, always make sure you give credit to the author of the quote.

Here are some great examples of motivational quotes my clients have used.

Life is a boomerang

Pain border

amish roof proverb








Have you used motivational quotes with your social media?

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