On Monday, we discussed the first 3 principles of how a garage sale can teach you how to set-up social media. Today we continue with the next 3 principles.

Read part I: The first 3 principles

4. Promotion – Garage sales work best when you advertise by putting up signs throughout your neighborhood. This lets people know where you are located and the date the garage sale is happening. How are people to know you are online if you don’t promote your social media?

Tell everyone from current customers, to past customers, to colleges and joint venture partners. Mention it on all your advertising materials. Put it on your invoices. Advertise it on your receipts. Include it on your business cards and add it to your newsletters and email signatures.

5. Set-up – Set-up is crucial. If you don’t set-up the garage sale and just leave your items scattered everywhere, you probably won’t make any money. Your social media channels also need to be set-up – properly! Always fill out profiles so they are 100% complete. Make sure your profile picture is consistent throughout all your social marketing.

6. Engage With Customers – If you don’t talk to people at your garage sale and come across as you don’t care about them, chances are you will not make money. Social media is no different.

Engage and interact with your customers. Always create relevant content that is applicable to your target audience. Customers trust you and look to you as a valuable resource – as the leader in your industry. Give your customers useful tips and information that will make them keep coming back for more.

Stay tuned for Part III on Friday

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