Today we will reveal the last 3 principles of how setting up a garage sale can assist with setting up your social media marketing.

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7. Answer Questions – People who are buying your belongings at a garage sale will ask questions. They want to know everything before they buy it. Even if it only costs $2.00 for your favorite I love Mondays coffee mug. Your customers behave the same way on social media. Monitor and respond to feedback. Answer their questions. People want to feel valued. They want to know they matter.

8. Soft sell – No one will buy your old b&w 15” TV that weighs 50lbs if you rush over to them and instantly sell, sell, sell to them. At the garage sale, people want to browse and look at the merchandise, ask a few questions and then buy from you.

On social media, your target audience does not want to always scroll through “buy me”, “sale, sale” and “limited time only.” They don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your products. Customers want to feel important – they want to feel they are more than just a $ sign to you.

Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time provide relevant content, 20% of the time sell your products or services.

9. Enjoy the sale – At the garage sale, people want to buy. They’ve looked through your stuff, browsed a bit, had time to think about it, ask questions and now they are buying for you. Social media is no different.

Your target audience has continued to watch what you post online, asked a few questions and participated in conversation. They like your product or service offering. They have learned from you. They feel connected to you and trust you – now they are willing to buy from you. Enjoy the sale, you’ve earned it!

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