Recently I met with the team from FIVE Magazine and we sat down for a couple hours to ReThink London, Ontario – Workshop in a Box. The workshop in a box is a great idea for participating in a self-led group discussion regarding the future of London, Ontario.

If you are not familiar with ReThink London, it is the city’s new master plan that will guide the city’s growth and development. It’s a year-long conversation Londoner’s are planning for future neighbourhoods, community facilities, roads, workplaces, parks and infrastructure.

Based on five initiatives – Live, Grow, Green, Move, and Prosper – we gathered around the table to discuss what London should look like in 10-20 years.

The experience was rewarding. So many great ideas were discussed. Everyone at the table shared their experience of living in London, their experience living in other cities and openly and candidly discussed what London could be.

We had a few guidelines to follow:

– Develop a vision
– Goals
– Setting priorities

With these guidelines in place, we mentioned what London is today and proudly discussed all the great things London could be in 10-20 years.

1. Building up the infrastructure along the banks of the Thames River

2. Celebrate local artists, entrepreneurs and local businesses

3. More parking downtown with extending overnight parking year round

4. Adoption of green roofs

5. Annual competitions for local architects and gardeners/landscapers.

The workshop in a box helped us intelligently discuss the flaws London currently has (every city has its own unique flaws) and all the positivity London has going for itself. This deep and honest discussion made us proud of London, Ontario, the city we call home and how the city can continue to grow and flourish for years to come.

To read the recap of our discussion, click here.

If you could ReThink your city, what would it look like in the future?

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