Abracadabra and poof…I waved my marketing magic wand and I’m on social media, so why are my sales not increasing overnight?

The above scenario is something I hear over and over. Truth of the matter, social media takes some patience. When you first start your social media marketing, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. I know I’ve been there. You start off with your first couple posts and tweets and then you start wanting to tap the invisible microphone in front of you…Testing, 1,2,3…Hello can anyone hear me?

Don’t worry it gets easier. Let everyone know you are using social media. Tell the world! Tell your employees. Tell your family. Tell your past and present colleagues. Tell your past and present business associates and most importantly, tell your past and present customers. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

Put it on your business cards. If you don’t want to reprint new business cards, create a card just for networking. When you meet someone, hand them your networking card that lists your website and all your social media networks. Print it on your receipts, invoices and all marketing materials. Put it everywhere.

I’m sure some of you may be asking what is social media? Social media is the act of being social, building a community, getting to know who your customers are, their wants, their needs and increasing your customer service level. Social media is a relationship building marketing tool!

Marketing has changed in the last five years – and it can be scary, even a bit intimidating. We no longer buy the biggest ad in the yellow pages we can afford and wait for people to find you while they flip page by page through the phone book. So many people do not use the yellow pages, let alone own a copy of the phone book. So how do people find your business these days? They google you. Google is so popular now the company name is actually a verb. It has even made its way in the dictionary. When people search for your business online, a list of different listings will appear on Google. Those listings include your website but also include social media profiles. Yes, social media actually helps with your ranking on search engines.

[Tweet “When done right, social media can drive traffic to your website.”]

Social media is not a quick fix. It can be a powerful tool when marketing your business and also a great complement to all your other marketing efforts. When done right, social media can drive traffic to your website where customers can make that ultimate decision to buy from you.  Remember to let people know you are using social media. You will be surprised once people know about your social media marketing how responsive they will become.



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