Social Media Tips to Help Your Business Grow

You need to know to help improve your social media marketing.

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Having a social media account & not using it has the same effect as...

if you didn’t have one!

Social media is powerful
when done right!
Don't use the excuse 'you're too busy' to update...

your website, your newsletter or your social media, because your customers are never too busy to read it.

Social media is not an afterthought.
It could be your best traffic source to your website
Don't force social media on others by always being...


Don't be someone you are not. If your personality is quirky,
let that show through your social media. Always be yourself.
Not having your social media icons on your website has the same effect as...

not listing your phone number on your website.

Enjoy holidays, but don't forget...
your audience is still on social media during the holidays & should not be ignored.
When someone makes a comment, respond to them...

Let them know they are important to you.

When using a hashtag for the first time, research it.
You may be surprised what is associated with that hashtag.
Not everything you read and hear about social media will be right for you.

Only implement the right tactics for your business needs.

Hootsuite is just a tool...
Just like a hammer is a tool, but a handy man doesn’t use it do the whole job.