Don’t you love social media? I do! Although at times, it makes it too easy to watch every move your competition is doing.

Stop it! I repeat…stop looking at your competitor. Your attention should be focused on your customers.

When we focus on what our competitors are doing, we often tend to lose a bit of ourselves. I see businesses trying to duplicate the success of others. Do they succeed? Most times they do not.

There are some ideas that are universal and every business uses the same idea and they all do well. But there are many times businesses add a touch of their own personality and that just can’t be duplicated.

Why it can’t be duplicated?

You cannot duplicate another company’s personality, tone or thought process because coming from you, it would lack authenticity.

You can only be you! Be your best you and don’t be someone else. If you do, your clients will see through it and it will backfire on you.

Chances are your customers will see that you are being fake and will not continue to do business with you.

What happens if another business copies your style?

Copycats happen. Don’t spend all your energy watching their every move. You will go crazy if you do and start second guessing yourself. Your energy needs to be focused on your customers. Keep an eye out to see how the competition is using your ideas. If it is identical, you may need to hire an attorney.

I have a copy cat! This person doesn’t copy my every word, but copies my style. I know this because I have seen the content being posted online. What is interesting is this person is trying to be me even when networking and meeting people. I did not know that was happening until two people phoned me to tell me they were concerned and warn me what was going on.

Does it bother me? Yes! Am I worried? Not really. This person will not succeed as they aren’t me and their target market could be slightly different than mine. Once this person starts utilizing their strengths and understand what their customers want, then this person may have a great business.

Smoke and Mirrors

Most times when you think your competitor is doing better than you, they are not. There are many ways it can appear they are doing better, but it’s just an illusion.

The number of followers/fans is not the always the most important metric to look at. Don’t just look at the number of followers a business has, but instead look at how many people are engaging with them online.

Spend time to learn what your customers needs are and provide the product or services they need. Be aware of your competitors, but don’t waste your valuable time spying on them. Continue to be the best you can be… be true to your brand!

Stop comparing your social media to others. Just because a business has more followers than you, doesn’t mean they’re doing better than you! – Tweet This

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