The most common reason people don’t connect on LinkedIn may surprise you.

 People forget to include a proper profile photo. For entrepreneurs it’s especially important to get this right.

Do you have a professional looking headshot on your LinkedIn profile?

You should. Here’s why:

A profile photo is the first things people notice about you. The photograph helps people recognize you, builds trust, and make you more approachable.

Remember: YOU are your brand.

Here are 3 main reasons people tell me they don’t include a photo on their LinkedIn profile:

1.  I don’t have time –

Solution: then make time. You don’t want to seem lazy! If you’re too busy to let potential clients on LinkedIn see who you are, they may think you’re too busy for them to buy from you.

 2.  I want my privacy – LinkedIn works to make you findable to everyone.

If you are worried about your privacy in this way, don’t use LinkedIn at all. LinkedIn is a public social media platform with the goal of connecting people in a public, online corporate setting.

Remember: People do look at photos to see if you’re pleasant and professional looking. They ask themselves, does this person look confident and competent? Is this someone I want to be associated with or do business with? Presenting your best self isn’t an issue of privacy; it’s just common sense.

3.  My logo is all I need –

This is a myth. People don’t want to deal with a faceless company. People want to connect with other people. They want to deal with YOU! People cannot bond with your logo like they can with your picture. People want to “meet” you on LinkedIn and start to get familiar with you. No clever logo will replace the human aspect of what you and your company represents.

7 Key Tips to Remember 

  • Square photos only – jpg, gif, or png files
  • Your photo should look professional and high quality
  • No graphics, cartoons, gravators, logos, QR codes
  • Stay Current – do not use the photo from five or ten years ago because it is your favourite picture. Keep it real and have a true representation of yourself.
  • Use a headshot only; no full body photos
  • Don’t include anyone else in your photo
  • Smile

According to their own research, LinkedIn reports that profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be viewed compared to those who don’t use a photo. We are living in a digital world and first impressions really do count!

If you haven’t had the time to update your profile properly on LinkedIn, Social Dragon Marketing can help. Let’s chat!

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