Gail Barker is founder and CFO (Chief Fulfillment Officer) of Stellar Coaching and Consulting. Gail is a visionary, certified professional life coach and published author. She co-authored the book, The Control Freak’s Guide to Living Lightly: Manifesting a Life of Total Trust.

Gail is also thRadio Show with Gail Barker and Jennifer Grigg London Ontarioe host of the weekly show Your Life, Your Way on 1069 The X Radio. She shares tips and tricks with you about how to control and live your own life your own way. She talks about news stories, research and brings in guests who have specialized knowledge.

She brought me on as a guest on her radio show and I had so much fun! I could have talked to Gail for a long time, but thrilled I can share my radio episode with you. We talk all about social media!

Click on the image below to listen to my conversation with Gail.

Some Questions I Was Asked:

  • What is the link between sales and marketing and social media?
  • What is social media?
  • What social media platforms are there?
  • How can someone determine which social media platform is for them
  • What to consider when determining which social media platform is best for?
  • What does being social mean?
  • Do you need to have a social media presence to stay successful?

What you will learn: 

  • Learn where my professional journey started
  • My journey through the entrepreneurial world
  • My #1 rule for working from home
  • Social media needs to be accurate reflection of you and your business
  • Which platform you need to be on
  • What you need to know about your target audience
  • Which social media platform I call the “Family Reunion”
  • Should you outsource or do your own social media
  • The 80/20 rule

“You need to have some idea how to use social media. It’s not all about the sale, sale, sale!”

About Gail Barker

Gail Barker, Founder of Stellar Coaching and Consulting offers a variety of services and resources all designed to support women leaders in shifting out of overwhelm and chaos, into lives of ease and choice.  It’s about understanding the relationship between fulfillment (which is often thought of as “life balance”) and leadership so that your leadership style becomes the most powerful, authentic, effective it can be. You can reach her on Facebook, LinkedIn and by contacting her directly at Stellar Coaching and Consulting.

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