There is always exceptions to the rule, but most businesses are realizing they need to be on social media. It’s how business attract and interact with customers (past, present and future).

Sometimes providing content on a regular basis to your social media channels can be difficult to do. Recently I wrote about 21 examples to stop your social media writer’s block. If you don’t know what to say on social media, ask yourself what would you say to a customer? That’s what you need to write about.

The one mistake I see businesses do over and over again is not posting original content.

You do not have to create new content every day. You can actually curate content and post content from others that will be relevant to your customers. But if every item you post is just sharing from someone else, eventually perception can be you aren’t as good as you say you are!

I have always believed your website is the hub of your business. It’s the “What” of your business. Your website explains who you are and what product or services you offer. But it’s your social media that allows you to showcase your company’s brand and why you are the expert in your industry.

I’ve heard many people say to me “Why bother creating something when it has already been done before?”

No one can talk about products and services you offer better than you. No one can!

Yes, there will be many businesses that offer the same products and services as you do, BUT one thing is for sure, they are not you! Your customers buy from you because they are attracted to you. They like you, your personality, your beliefs, your skills, your customer service, etc.

Always remember you are unique in the marketplace and you need to add original content to your social media. That could be as simple as posting a blog.

You would never see a clothing store have posters of other store’s clothing. That wouldn’t sell their clothes, would it? You want, even expect, to see pictures of the clothing you want to buy.

Original content does matter. You don’t have to post original content every day, but you do need to post it. It will make a big difference with your customers. It can help build your list, it can help educate your customers and most importantly, your original content will be the reason why customers buy from you.

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