The world is full of social media according to Videoinfographics. I love a great infographic and now I think love video infographics even more.

Still unsure about social media? It’s a powerful tool all businesses can tap into at relatively a low cost. It may be a free resource, but it does take time to execute it properly. Social media is about getting to know your customers and being social – interacting and engaging with them. Customers don’t want to relate to a brand that treats everyone with the same boring, unsatisfactory customer service they’ve learned just to live with. Instead they want to feel important. They want to know they make a difference and that they matter and their opinions matter. Social media is the perfect tool to show customers they DO matter to your business. After all, without customers, your business would not exist.

This video infographic illustrates facts, figures, the power of social media and answers the question “Would You Admit You Use Your Smart Phone going to the Washroom?” Can you believe it 60% admitted yes?

So would you admit to using your smart phone in the washroom? Pssst, don’t tell anyone, but I think I would admit it.

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