I receive emails from businesses who claim they can guarantee me followers on my social media sites and then I’ll have all these new sales. My first question is always, “did you happen to notice what my business is?”

Here is a copy of the most recent email I received (word for word, including formatting & spelling mistakes):

I have a suggestion for your website SOCIALDRAGONMARKETING.COM.

I will give you followers on your Twitter chanel @thesocialdragon. Followers will help you to make your page look more popular on social networking sites.

I offer the service: Addition of 250+ followers for $50
Followers is REAL and active!

– No admin access required.
– No Harm to your page.

I work without prepayment. Payment goes after all of the work is done!
If you want to order more than 250+ followers i can give you discount!

Thanks and have a nice day :)

Nick Grey

How lovely he even wishes me a nice day. He reached out to me, so does this mean he can do what he says he’ll do? WRONG! I repeat WRONG! Would you buy customers? Of course not! So why would you buy your followers on social media? Your followers on social media consist of your past, current and potential customers.

Social Media allows you to build a relationship with your customers. It builds trust, provides an opportunity for you to interact and communicate with your customers and can be a great complement to your other marketing activities. When your company’s social media marketing is done right, you’ll drive traffic to your website, helping potential customers make that ultimate decision to buy from you.

So what happens when you buy followers on social media? The answer is nothing. I’m serious! Nothing will happen. Why will nothing happen? Because these followers are not real customers. They have no interest in your product or service and will NEVER buy from you and will never interact with you on your social media sites.

If you shouldn’t buy followers, how do you increase your followers so people will notice you and eventually buy from you? I have three suggestions:

• Hard work – Social media is a marathon, not a sprint
• Consistency – Post often to your social media sites
• Goal/Strategy – Without a plan, how do you know what to shoot for?

[Tweet “Quality of followers is MORE IMPORTANT than quantity of followers”]

When it comes to your social media marketing, never be fooled by someone who claims “they guarantee” you will have a certain number of followers. Quality of followers is MORE IMPORTANT than quantity of followers. I will not guarantee clients they will get a certain number of followers. But I do guarantee them within time, the followers will happen. Social media may take time, but it works. I see social media successes every day.

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