A business approached me to discuss managing their social media. They weren’t interested in hiring me as they could get the “same” service elsewhere. (Noticed the word “service” is in quotations)

They found someone who promised them the world. They were promised their social media would be taken care of and it would be less expensive then the cost of my packages.

Unfortunately, three weeks later, I’ve been hired to review their social media as it wasn’t done properly. When I was speaking with the owner and showing him examples, he was shocked and couldn’t believe this was happening. His 22 year old son was with us. The son thought someone hacked into their accounts and posting spam out to its audience through their social media platforms. He wanted to know how the account could become compromised and how to stop it from happening. I had to explain to him it wasn’t hacked. The spam was what the activity of their social media manager.

Outsourcing your social media to someone who doesn’t specialize in social media is like going to a Chinese restaurant and asking for a burrito.

It irritates me this happens. How can businesses take advantage of others like this? I do NOT want this to happen to you. Based on the situation, the following are the top 10 things to consider when outsourcing your social media.

1. Always make sure the information posted on your website, and social media platforms is accurate. When outsourcing your online marketing activities, make sure they understand what product and services your business offers and not just googled your industry and start promoting product and services you don’t carry.

2. Do not make up imaginary contests just to excite people. Not only is this unethical, but will also anger your audience.

3. Complete sentences are a must. It needs to have a complete thought, start with a capital and have the proper punctuation.

4. Only relevant, I repeat, RELEVANT, information should be part of your social media messages. If you like fancy yachts but your business does not pertain to fancy yachts, save the yachts for your personal social media such as your personal profile on Facebook.

5. Do not make up your own reviews. This behaviour will show your audience you are not credible. When people read reviews and then see it was created and posted by your company, you lose ALL credibility. This could be one of the fastest ways to make someone not buy from you.

6. Being sneaky to create better SEO (search engine optimization) so you’ll rank well on Google is not necessary. Have keyword relevant content on your website, a blog (you use regularly) and social media that is consistently used works better than trickery.

7. You don’t have to utilize all the social media networks that are available. Not all platforms may be right for your business. You just have to be using the ones your customers are using.

8. If you have a tag line, your tag line should be used properly throughout your social media. It should be written word-for-word as you have it on your website and business cards.

9. Do not spam anyone, but especially, don’t spam your own social media marketing efforts. Just don’t do it!

10. We all have budgets and you need to remember when outsourcing your online social media marketing, price is not an indication on how well the social media manager will do. Talk to them and find out if they share the same values you do. Also, look for the social media proof. If they are not actively doing social media for their own business, chances are they will not do a great job for your business either.

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